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100% editable arts, you can change the color, insert your texts, images and logo!
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All templates are editable and can be changed in the free Canva.

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Hi, I’m Lore!

Digital Media Professional with over 7 years of experience.

I’m 28 years old and a year ago I decided to take my biggest dream off paper and start a new project from scratch. Besides that, I have a degree in Advertising and studied in New York.

What motivates me the most is being able to help several entrepreneurs achieve financial independence and achieve amazing results through Instagram.

Frequently asked questions

With these Canva templates, you will have in your hands everything you need to optimize your time and schedule your posts without having to rely on third parties.

All templates are editable and can be changed in the free Canva. A simple, fast, practical and cheap way – there are more than 500 posts.

If you follow my work, you must already know that I always say that creating valuable content is essential to gain a loyal audience, engaged and that actually buys from you.

But it’s no use passing on relevant content and forgetting the visual part of your business, it is also essential to stand out in the market.

I know better than anyone that creating art requires time and a lot of creativity. I’ve been working with photoshop for years and I understand why many people feel insecure when it comes to creating posts for their feed.

And that’s why I created the Posts for Entrepreneurs Package, so you can worry only about creating content.

You buy it and receive your access to the platform in the e-mail with the links to your templates, bonus and tutorials.

Besides traditional post templates, in this package you will also find templates for Carousel posts, Lives, book tips, guides, tutorials and even posts with calls to action. There are more than 500 amazing templates for you to use and organize your feed.

As a bonus there are story templates, covers for reels, a calendar with more than 50+ post ideas so you’ll never run out of content.

Of course you can, you can change them as you prefer.

After payment confirmation, you receive by e-mail your access to our platform, where you will find the link to the templates.

No! As they are editable, you will adapt them to your segment with your content and also your visual identity. So, it will have the face of your business.

No, all posts were created by me and thoroughly thought out to improve your engagement on Instagram and increase your sales.

Absolutely, all templates are editable and can be changed in Canva free and pro!

Do you have any questions? Talk to me on Instagram.

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